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Kajira Djoumahna American Tribal Style Tribal Basics

Kajira Djoumahna American Tribal Volume 1 Belly Dance DVD
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Kajira Djoumahna American Tribal Basics
Instructional Belly Dance DVD
Price: $44.99

Kajira Djoumahna - American Tribal Basics
The soaring popularity of ATS or American Tribal Style Belly Dance comes from its celebration of feminine energy and friendship which makes it captivating to watch and fun to perform.   Kajira explains the fundamentals of American Tribal Style and how to use movement vocabulary and cues to achieve the syncronized group improvision unique to this belly dance style. 
Technique & Demonstration - Kajira teaches both slow and fast movements, with plenty of breakdown and demonstration.   She also shows variations on the movements, and how to transition from one movement to another.  
This section includes demonstration performances by Kajira and members of United We Dance, using the movements taught in this video, allowing you to follow along and practice the movements and real the cues.
Performance - This video also feature a costumed performance by Kajira and members of United We Dance.

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