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Fabulous FanVeilZZ Mahsati Janan

Fabulous FanVeilZZ with Mahsati Janan Instructional Belly Dance DVD - at
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NEW! Fabulous FanVeilZZ Mahsati Janan Instructional Belly Dance DVD
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NEW! Fabulous FanVeilZZ
Welcome to this introduction to dancing with the Fabulous FanVeilZZ. This prop has been recently integrated into the evolving fabric of belly dance and is a beautiful addition to many performances. It crosses styles and is just as beautiful in either traditional raqs sharqi or in contemporary tribal fusions. Mahsati takes you through the basics of using the fan, including opening and closing, single and double fan moves, and variations for performance styles.

1 Introduction to FanVeilZZ
2 Basic moves, Single Fan, Double Fan
3 Spins & Turns
4 Fan Combinations
5 Performance

Mahsati Janan

Rising Sun Tribe
Mahsati Janan


Running Time: 95 min
Instruction: 80 min
Performance: 15 min