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Fabulous FanVeilZZ 2 Mahsati Janan

Fabulous FanVeilZZ 2 with Mahsati Janan Instructional Belly Dance DVD - at
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NEW! Fabulous FanVeilZZ 2 Mahsati Janan Instructional Belly Dance DVD
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NEW! Fabulous FanVeilZZ 2
Level II Fabulous FanVeilZZ, This DVD focuses on how to incorporate the fan movements you learned from the first DVD. Using combinations and different musical styles, Mahsati shows you some variations in how you can interpret the music with your fan veils when you perform.

1 Single 1.5m Fan Veil: 4 Combinations
2 Double 1.5m Fan Veils: 5 Combinations
3 Double 1.5m Fan Veils: 1 short choreography
4 3m Fan Veil Basic Instruction
5 3m Fan Veil: 2 Combinations
6 Performances
fan veil performances by Mahsati Janan, Lisa Zahiya, and Miki Bow. All three of these dancers have very different styles and will give you different views on how to use fan veils in your dancing.
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Released 2009