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Exciting Entrances and Exits - Dondi

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Exciting Entrances and Exits - Dondi Belly Dance Video and DVD
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Exciting Entrances & Exits - Dondi
Everyone knows you only have one chance to make a first impression so you better get it right!  In this video, Dondi teaches you how to make exciting and beautiful entrances to grab your audiences attention.  And because you always want to leave a good impression behind, Dondi shows how to gracefully end your performance and exit the stage.  Dondi demonstrates and completley breaks down the movements and combinations used in each entrance and exit, including a demonstration of each entrance and exit in full costume so you can see it in action.  She also discusses how to match the appropriate entrance to your venue and music.  Dondi's Exciting Entrances and Exits include: ~ The Classic Egyptian ~ American Style ~ The Oriental Delight ~ The Mystery Dancer
70 minutes 

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