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Dr. Mo Geddawi Egyptian Choreography

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Dr. Mo Geddawi Egyptian Choreography Belly Dance Instructional Video
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Dr. Mo Geddawi - Egyptian Choreography
Dr. Mo is a master teacher, a well-known performer, co-founder of the famous Reda Dance Troupe in Egypt, and founder of the Hathor Dance Troupe of Berlin.
While continuing to direct and perform with the Hathor Dance Troupe, he also maintains an international teaching schedule.
Dr. Mo has been presenting workshops, courses, seminars and lectures on Egyptian folklore and oriental dances in Europe, the USA, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East for many years.
In this special workshop, Dr. Mo teaches Egyptian choreography, and includes instruction in foot work, patterns, combination steps, and other aspects of the dance, which he explains and demonstrates in an easily comprehensible way.
This workshop presents a great opportunity to practice the Egyptian folkloric elements commonly used in oriental dance, while learning a choreographed dance.

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