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Doom-Tek Project Hamdi El-Khayyat

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Hamdi El-Khayyat Doom-Tek Project Belly Dance Music CD
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Hamdi El-Khayyat -The Doom-Tek Project.
The Doom-Tek Project presents dynamic variations of traditional Arabian rhythms from Cairo's own Hamdi El-Khayyat.
The hot, action-packed drumming is ideal for dancing, listining, or learning more about Middle-Eastern rhythms.

1 Shake Time (Saidi Medium)
2 Shimmy (Maqsum Medium)
3 Side to Said (Saidi-Tahlayi)
4 Feel the Doom (Saidi-Variation)
5 Rolling Tek (Maqsum Fast)
6 Tabarja Waves (Semai Takil Heavy)
7 Zahrani Cut (Wahdi)
8 Drum Chain (Maqsum Fast)
9 Dancer's Heartbeat (Falet)
10 Talking Drum (Maqsum Heavy/Fast)