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Desert Roses Volume 4

Desert Roses 4 Belly Dance Music CD
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Desert Roses Volume 4 - Belly Dance Music CD
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The Mystic East has always intrigued us with it's exotic flavors, aromas and sounds.  From the Casbah of Morocco, to the Souks of Cairo, to the hot nightclubs of Dubai and Beirut, there is a world of amazing music waiting to be discovered.  You can find it right here on this CD.  Songs carefully chosen to appeal to the "Western Ear", but still convey the excitement and unique flavor of these far away lands.  A mystical and enriching listening experience that is a virtual bridge between cultures bringing us all together.

1 Latifa - Khalleouni, Khalleouni
2 Tres Mundos - Zana
3 Dania - Leily
(Trans-Global Underground Remix)
4 Turbo Tabla - Dulab Rast
5 Naked Rhythm - Babylon
6 Oojami - U & Me
7 Saad - Sabah El Sa'awah
8 Hoda - Inta Lissa Faker Halli
9 Woroud - Kharaouni
10 Cheb Nasro - C'est Pas La Peire
11 Issam Houshan - Pharoah of Barcelona
12 Zohar - Let There Be Light
13 Galactic Caravan - SIrens Of Atlantis
14 Soap Kills - Le Zaalen