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Bellydance Superstars Volume 5

Bellydance Superstars Volume 5 Belly Dance Music CD - At
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Bellydance Superstars Volume 5 Belly Dance Music CD

Bellydance Superstars Volume 5

This groundbreaking compilation is an invitation to pure Middle-Eastern sounds and exclusive never-heard-of originals assembled especially for the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS SERIES. This compilation features some of the biggest Middle Eastern music stars such as Saad, Amina, and Hoda. It also features the brilliant fusion of Oojami and the tribal fusion rhythms of Beats Antique.

1. Raul Ferrando - Yearning (available on another cd we carry.  Same artist.  Same version)  ask us how to order:
2. Amina - El Hantour
3. Roger Abboud - Bent El Shalabiah
4. Diaa - El Leilah
5. Rola - An Eznak Ya Maalem
6. Maria - Shahdin
7. Tony Bahu - The Captivation
8. Saad - El Enab
9. Ahmed Qawala - Hizzy Mazbout
10. Hoda - Eh Kalamak
11. Mohammed Al Hasan Abo Abid - Escape from Cairo
12. Oojami - Zaman
13. Beats Antique - The Lantern
14. Saad - Bellydance (bonus track)

No longer available.   The above songs may be available on other cds.  Ask us and we can check for you.  Email: or text us at 310.612.7622