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Bellydance Overdrive Turbo Tabla

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Bellydance Overdrive Turbo Tabla Belly Dance Music CD
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Bellydance Overdrive - Turbo Tabla

TURBO TABLA combines the spontaneity of live Arabic music with the stylistic intensity of a DJ. The best description would be "Arabic Techno". Karim Nagi, a classically trained Egyptian percussionist, performs on his feet with an amplified Tabla (goblet drum) that employs many of the effects and sounds of an electric guitar. Karim dances, spins, jumps and entertains while executing the most rapid and grooveworthy hand percussion possible. The accompaniments are always the remixes and recreations of traditional Arabic and World music, with techno and hip hop beats, created by Karim with his own music studio. Karim is an accomplished performer of traditional Arabic music with the highest caliber of authenticity. It is this classical expertise that allows Karim to make modern Oriental music and Arabic Techno.

1 Longa H.K.K.
2 Zaynab
3 Dulab Rast
4 Ya Shadily Al-Han
5 Turbo Tabla 3
6 Telegrafin Telleri
7 Mahbub
8 Alahu Ya'aalim
9 Shred
10 Longa Farahfaza
11 Hat Ayyuha Saqi
12 Pedro Abdallah
13 Turbo Tabla 2
14 The Arab Blues