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Aziza Raks The Passion of Belly Dance

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Aziza Raks! The Passion of Belly Dance Performance DVD
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Aziza Raks! The Passion of Belly Dance Collectors Edition

Through graceful movements and intriguing rhythms, bellydance captivates the hearts of millions around the world.  Some embrace this art form professionally, some as a hobby - either way this ancient art form enhances one's Spirituality, Well-Being, and Sensuality.  Aziza has devoted her life to learning, performing, and sharing this ancient art form.  A highly sought after workshop instructor, Aziza now travels and performs professionally throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  The fluidity and grace of Aziza's movements teamed with seemingly impossible hip locks, endless shimmies, creative veil work, and a captivating smile have earned her accolades worldwide.

1. Sallam Alay - (Egyptian Saidi)
2. Tamr Henna - (Classical Egyptian)
3. Sahra Saidi - (Drum Solo)
4. Oolooloo - (Classical Egyptian)
5. Luxor Baladna - (Egyptian Saidi)
6. Ana Fi Intizarak - (Classical Egyptian)
7. Salamat Ya Om Hassam - (Egyptian Balady)
8. Btwanes Beek - (Egyptian Pop)
9. Alf Leyla Wa Leyla - (Classical Egyptian)
10. Zeina - (Classical Egyptian)

Language - English - Color - approx. 63 min.

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