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American Belly Dance Legends Vol. 1

American Belly Dance Legends DVD - At
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NEW! American Belly Dance Legends Documentary DVD
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NEW! American Belly Dance Legends Volume 1
A Journey into Belly Dance in America
American Belly Dance Legends...The dance pioneers that started the Belly Dance movement in the United States!
Featuring the Greats in our dance world. To know your dance history is to know your craft.
A must-have for all serious Students of Oriental Dance, Teachers of Raks Sharki, Ethnic Dance Studios and Fans of Belly Dance!

Aida Al Adawi
Aisha Ali
De Ann
Helena Vlahos
Ibrahim "Bobby" Farrah
Jamila Salimpour
John Compton
Roman "Bert" Balladine
Bonus Scenes: Ahmed Jarjour and Amir of Boston