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Bella Oasis Dance Company  (aka Troupe Bahiya)

Full of life, charisma & elegance...
...their style incorporates Classical & Egyptian pop to create an exciting and sophisticated performance.  These girls perform for the love & passion of the dance, as well as to entertain & captivate their audience with their warm smiles and swaying hips.

Bahiya was formed in 2003 under the direction of Rahana.  These girls were formerly troupe members of the renowned belly dance troupe, Yaleil LA.  They were groomed under the direction of Akasha with a tremendous influence from Ansuya, Yaleil's Director & Belly Dance Superstar.  Bahiya's structure has the foundation of American Cabaret with a powerful influence from the Traditional style of this dance, with each dancer bringing their specialty to the circle of our presentation.

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