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Dances of North Africa Vol.1 - Morocco and Tunisia VHS Belly Dance Video, Documentary - At
Dances of North Africa Vol.1 - Morocco and Tunisia dvd
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Dances of North Africa Volume 1 - Morocco and Tunisia Belly Dance Documentary Video dvd

DANCES OF NORTH AFRICA combines the valuable folkloric music and dance collections that were filmed separately by Aisha Ali and Mardi Rollow. between the years of 1973 and 1982. This footage is a record of authentic folklore.

Raqs Shawashi from Mareth
Raqs Jarra, Raqs Shaabi and Raqs Sharqi by Nabila
The Ali Swissi Music and Dance Group from Kerkenna
Male Dancer from Tozeur performing a jar dance
Musket Dance and Banga Dance from Nefta Dances from Siliana
Festival Dancers from various regions of Tunisia
Dance drills by the Tunisian National Folkloric Troupe
Tunisian Raqs Shaabi performed by Aisha Ali

Shikhat dancers from EI Jadida, Temara and Settat
Shikhat solo by Mardi Rollow
Fantasia Horsemen at Marrakech and Gun Dance from Oujda
Houara Tribal Dance from Inezgan and Guedra by Bechara Gnawa
Tribal Dances by the Imintanout and the Kelaa M'Gouna

Tunisian dance depends on the syncopated rhythms of accompanying drums, although the folk music often includes a goat skin bagpipe Tunisians call mizwid, or a folk oboe they call zukra. The drums vary according to the region and type of dance, but generally include one or more of the following: the darabuka; the bendir (a narrow circular frame drum) or the large two headed tabl resembling a Turkish davul.

Music in Morocco is as varied as the wide assortment of regional dances however in areas where tribal groups pay less attention to borders, music and instrumentationl are often very similar to that of neighboring countries. In the Moroccan Shikhat sequences, the urban popular music known as griha is played, which is completely distinct from that of the ala art music tradition.

Aisha AIi has contributed to the field of dance as a teacher, performer, documentary filmmaker, choreographer and record producer. She has done independent research in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria. Ms. Ali tours internationally and directs the Aisha Ali Dance Company based in Los Angeles.

Mardi Rollow resided in Tunisia for several years and has traveled extensively in North Africa. In 1974 and 1976 she received grants to film and record folk music and dance in Morocco and Tunisia. For many years she was Associate Artistic Director and soloist for the international dance company AMAN

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