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Afrah Baladna Said
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Afrah Baladna Said Belly Dance Music CD
Afrah Baladna Said presents the improvised exclamation of joy, expressed by the common people of Said, usually at festivities or gatherings in open fields and streets. Instrumentation includes Tabla, Dhola, Mzmar, and Rababa.

1 Samah Innoba
2 Bent Al Beyda
3 Min Yishtiri
4 Inta Al Amal
5 Salam Alekom
6 Luxor Baladna
7 Hasanen Oo
8 Mhammaden
9 Walla Ma Kan Ala Bali
10 Il Farawla
11 Ya Halawah
12 Amar El Bab
13 Mita Ashoufak
14 Aminti Billah
15 Sallam Alay
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