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For the belly dancer in all of us
Various Artists

The story of Bellybeat is the story of an ancient art form inspired by the infectious beats of Middle Eastern rhythms and sensual melodic grooves converging with the growing Western search for spiritual sensuality in a world fraught with crass commercialism. That most beautiful of feminine dance arts, the art of bellydance has inspired an awakening appreciation by music lovers the world over of the depth and indeed magic of music from the Middle East. This has inspired World artists to incorporate this music language into their own, breeding magical new fusions. Bellybeat features such international superstars as Cheb Mami, Hakim, Dania and Nancy Ajram.

1. Marsoul el Hob - Hasna
2. Haboussou - Hakim
3. Ah W Nous - Nancy Ajram
4. Ya Dalah - Dania
5. Celibataire - Cheba Maria
6. Lela Lela - REG Project
7. Law Oult - Baha's El Kafy
8. Rim Lachoua - Cheb Mami
9. Mafeesh Marrah - Shereen
10. Zai Elsukar - Diana
11. Al Mutanab - 1001 Nights Society
12. Sayyaad - Mohammed Mounir
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